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Area44 Exclusive Indoor Fountain of Shree Ganesha

Area44 Exclusive Indoor Fountain of Shree Ganesha

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The flowing water makes the entire room lively and full of positivity .This is the best home decor for any living room .

This golden Ganesh indoor water fountain is the most perfect gift - whether for Diwali, for a new home or for a newly wedded couple. Choose from the square or round base and enjoy the calm flowing water after a long and stressful day!

This beautiful ornament is made from poly resin and boasts a highly decorative design. The attractive colours will add a touch of style to the decor of any house. The fountain looks even more stunning in low light as the LED light creates a shimmering effect against the waterfall. 

This indoor fountain is easy to use and comes with a UK 3 pin plug. It can be carried from room to room to allow you to enjoy the benefits no matter where you chose to spend your time relaxing. 

Dimensions: 8*10*13 inch.


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