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AREA44 Solar Powered Bobblehead Ironman

AREA44 Solar Powered Bobblehead Ironman

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These superheroes automatically starts nodding heads when exposed to sunlight.

  • When displayed on day light and sunny days the solar powered characters shake by moving head .
  • They are solar powered and do not need batteries or electricity. To be more specific, the dancing toys with heads that bobble get moving when their solar strip/panel  is exposed to light.
  • The Gift That Everyone Will Love, No matter if it is a 10 year old kid or 70 year old person.
  • Solar powered things are a fun and captivating way to teach children the usefulness of solar energy and give educational experience for young children.
  • By using the infinite power of the sun, solar powered toys reduce the amount of single-use batteries that need to be purchased. Traditional batteries contain lead that is harmful to the environment. By instead using the sun as the power source, there are no carbon emissions or pollution. 


Features :

  • (1) solar powered,no batteries required,solar panel is on the front site of the bobble head.
  • (2) shaking head   under sunlight or lamp light.
  • (3)package : 1 pcs in one pvc box,retail package
  • (4) can be used as toy or decorations in your car or room.
  • (5)material: ABS plastic
  • 6)Size : 5 inches.


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