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Disposable Pipes / Hoses for hookah (Pack of 1)

Disposable Pipes / Hoses for hookah (Pack of 1)

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Disposable Hookah Pipes is a must-have in hookah accessories for regular hookah party, hookah parlours. It can be used like any other hookah pipe. These pipes are useful when many people use the same hookah sheesha. You can easily stock them as they are inexpensive and use for group parties and sessions.

It is free from microbes and dirt that may get accumulated due to multiple smokers using the same hose.

Dimensions: It is approximately 6 feet long with a handle of 1 foot long. With such a 12 inches sized handle, one can easily hold it with grip and enjoy smoking sheesha.

Features   :

  • Plastic sheesha pipes / hoses
  • Best Disposable hookah hose
  • Washable : If you find any flavor or dirt accumulated in the pipe, you can quickly rinse it with hot water and keep the hose ready for next session.
  • Gives dense and smooth smoke clouds.
  • Made from good quality sturdy material and is durable.
  • Provides hygienic way to smoke with same hookah.


Question 1. Where to buy hookah pipes at the best price?

Answer - We provide a wide variety of hookah accessories, including hookah pipes/hose. Price totally depends on the material and size of hookah pipe. We carry an inexpensive disposable hose as well as expensive MYA pipes.

Question 2. Which is the best place to buy hookah accessories?

Answer - We provide a wide variety of hookah and hookah accessories. There are many unique hookah pots with all required hookah accessories like charcoal, foil paper, pipes, crusher and burner. We provide all hookah accessories at best price for any hookah party or hookah parlour.



  1. This product is not for minors.
  2. It does not contain nicotine or any other harmful substances.
  3. Even though it is disposable, you can use multiple times upto 8-10 sessions.
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