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Exclusive AL AKBAR CHARCOAL BURNER ( 500 WATT) Black color

Exclusive AL AKBAR CHARCOAL BURNER ( 500 WATT) Black color

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Electric Charcoal Burner is among must have products if you throw regular hookah parties. This charcoal heater is very easy to use and get the charcoal ready in just 3 minutes. It is made up of heat resistant porcelain which makes the burner anti-corrosive and gives it great longevity

It can also be used as an electric burner for cooking food. As you can easily prepare tea/coffee or boil milk on this electric coil.

Materialheat resistant porcelain and stainless steel

Burner type: single

Watt: 500W


  • Portable
  • Can be used for preparing tea/coffee/milk
  • Just connect with power source and burner is set to work
  • It takes only 3 mins for coal to burn
  • Durable and heat resistance, power saving design, multipurpose



Question 1. Why should we use charcoal burner for hookah coal?

Answer - Burning coal is a tedious job. Sometimes people use lighter or normal stove but that makes the coal burning and serving as a difficult work. Electric Charcoal burner make this very easy by just putting charcoal tablets and get it ready within 3 minutes for hookah party, hookah parlour or hookah shop.

Question 2. How to use stove to burn charcoal?

Answer - This hookah charcoal burner is very easy to use. Just connect it to power source and it is all set to work.

Question 3. Is this electric hookah coal burner with auto power cut-off?

Answer. - No, you have to switch it off.



  • If you are using this burner for cooking food then please use induction compatible cookware with a flat bottom made of iron or magnetic stainless steel and with a bottom diameter of 12-20cm. Otherwise the induction will not function or heating will not be proper.
  • Put a tray between the burner and coal
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