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Original MYA Bambino Hookah (Multicolor)

Original MYA Bambino Hookah (Multicolor)

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MYA BAMBINO HOOKAH is among the best hookah to buy online. This MYA Bambino hookah is as much a decorative piece of art as it is a quality hookah. It comes with a carrying case. This is among the best gift for your hookah lover friend.

This is a differently carved glass hookah with a detailed unique style circular base that is extremely stable and solid. This is the only hookah that comes with a carrying case to wow people anywhere you take it. A matching bowl and Mya Saray hose 60" long is included in the pack - it has everything you need.It is composed of heavy metal and thick glass, which makes it durable. This hookah is easy to assemble and disassemble. 

Size: 12 INCHES

Material: Thick glass pot and other metal parts.


  • Beautiful Mya Saray BAMBINO 12" Hookah.
  • Includes stainless steel tong.
  • Ceramic bowl 
  • Comes with hard black carrying case.
  • Stainless Steel Top for easy cleaning.
  • Fully washable
  • 6 inches pipe/hose
  • Choose from 1 of 6 base colors.


Question 1. What are the different types of Hookahs?

Answer - There are multiple hookah or similar smoking devices available online. Like glass hookah, acrylic bongs, wooden hookah.

Question 2. What is effect of hookah on health?

Answer - Hookah is widely used to take herbs, flavours with friends in hookah party or get-together. There are many natural hookah flavours available, with no effect on health.



  1. This product is not for minors.
  2. It does not contain nicotine or any other harmful substances.
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