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Smokers Coal for hookah or sheesha (Silver Color)

Smokers Coal for hookah or sheesha (Silver Color)

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Smokers Coal for Hookah or Sheesha is among the popular hookah accessories. Also called Japanese coal. It comes in a pack of 30 pieces. 

It is silver in color and comes in the form of perforated sticks that break into 3 pieces. One box contains 10 sticks, making a total of 30 pieces (tablets).

The silver coals are a different type of charcoal, they take a little longer to ignite than the traditional quick lightning charcoals but they last for a little longer. Simple burn them on an electric stove or gas stove and burn them for 4-5 minutes or until they are into ashy white color.

To use shisha, one needs to heat charcoal and this one is the best and reasonable one available online.

Application: Hookah or shisha



  •  Very low ash deposits

  • Long lasting solidity

  • Odorless & smoke free

  • Easy to burn and easy to use.



Question 1. What is Magic coal for Hookah?

Answer - Hookah charcoal that ignites faster and is easy to burn are called as MAGIC coal

Question 2. How to use charcoal with Hookah?

Answer - Just burn the hookah charcoal on electric charcoal burner and place it on the bowl using tongs and enjoy ur hookah. You can buy the electric charcoal burner here.

Question 3. What is the best charcoal to use with Hookah? 

Answer - it depends on usability. Quickly burning charcoal is preferred but it is not good for the throat. On the other hand, slowly burning charcoal, like coconut shell charcoal, has no effect on throat and lasts longer.


  1. This product is not for minors.
  2. It does not contain nicotine or any other harmful substances.
  3. AREA44 is the official seller for these charcoals online and provide 100% good quality products.
  4. Please do not light them with a lighter. They may not show the best desired results. Only use coil burners or gas stoves to burn them.
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